Month: October 2015

What’s Benefic & Malefic Aspect of Planets?

Vedic Astrology consultation : Natural benefic planets can’t be consider benefic for all the ascendants, in Indian astrology the benefic and malefic result of planets can be categorized according to the ascendant, like Jupiter, moon, Venus which is regard as as benefic planets can participate role of malefic plants  sun, mars, Saturn know otherwise malefic can give. Rahu and Ketu always act as functional malefic.Vedic Astrology consultation in bangalore

Functional benefic and malefic:

Aries– Benefic: mars, Jupiter and moon.

Taurus– Benefic Venus, Saturn and mercury.

Gemini– Benefic mercury, Venus

Cancer– Benefic moon and mars

Leo– Benefic Sun, mars and Jupiter

Virgo– Benefic Mercury and Venus

Libra– Benefic Venus and Saturn

Scorpio– Benefic mars, Jupiter, moon

Sagittarius– Benefic Jupiter, mars, mercury and sun

Capricorn – Benefic Venus, Saturn, mercury

Aquarius – Benefic Saturn and Venus, Rahu

Pisces – Benefic Jupiter moon and mars

Functional malefic:

 Aries : Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn.

 Taurus : Venus, mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu

Gemini : Rahu and Ketu

 Cancer : Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu

 Leo : malefic Moon, Rahu and Ketu

 Virgo : Sun, mars, Saturn and Rahu Ketu

Libra : Mercury Rahu Ketu

Scorpio : Venus and Rahu, Ketu

Sagittarius : Moon, Rahu Ketu

Capricorn : Sun, Jupiter, rah, Ketu

Aquarius: Moon, mercury Rahu and Ketu

 Pisces: Sun, Saturn, Venus, Rahu

Rest of the plants is not in functional of beneficial and malefic, in horoscope all planets showing that which planets affect benefic and malefic, and for more details you can consult with Vedic astrology they will provide you accurate information about that.

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Remedies for Success in Love and Relation

Vedic Astrology ConsultationLove and Relation: – Love is most deep and emotion knows to human beings, Relationship is most meaningful element in their lives.

Remedies for success in love and Relation, misunderstanding are main reason to create distance between lover and relationship.

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In present time every person want perfect partner and want to marry that person. Love is very important in life because without love life is not complete Love is between husband and wife, parents and sister and brother and friends. Whenever misunderstanding are occurred relation are break up or lost love forever from life.

So remedies for success in love and Relation marriage is one event in life relation:-

  1. Use green color bangles. Ware whites clothes on Friday
  2. One should pray to god the huge with a pure heart for his/her
  3. If you are interested in winning someone worship Maa Durga
  4. To get handsome and caring and loving husband girl fast on Monday
  5. In the horoscope of the boy and girl, the planets position of seven houses should always addresses.
  6. As much as possible girl have to wear white clothes on Friday and yellow clothes on Thursday.
  7. A couple in loves must have to meet in full moon night on Friday.
  8. A couple in loves should not meet in moonless night on Saturday night, it create distance between lovers.
  9. To get success in love life boy have to wear Emerald ring
  10. Take white paper and draw triangle with red ink and keep with you.

When people create new relationship and fall in love and commit for to the last life time. But some couple its doesn’t why, because Venus and mars are two most important planets holding for secret happy love marriage and love life of them.